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Corporate Responsibility Policy
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TruPort International interprets corporate responsibility as action taken by the company which positively effects and impacts, our staff, our suppliers, customers and the communities around or effected by our business operations.

This goes far beyond our legal and regulatory obligations, as we strive to exceed these at all times.

Truport International is committed to both its staff, and the environment.

Examples of TruPort International commitment to corporate responsibility include:

•    Investing in the long term, including training, regular performance reviews to achieve the best from our staff.
•    Investing in communities in which we operate
•    Engaging with customers
•    Managing and minimising our environmental impact
•    Maintaining and constantly reviewing effective health and safety management systems.

Every division and affiliate company of TruPort International is committed to corporate responsibility in order to enhance the value of their business and the company and TruPort International group as a whole.

The nature of operations as well as local cultures and needs will always determine which issues are most relevant in the markets TruPort International are operating in, to ensure our high standards are always met.

At all times we are committed to reporting on our corporate responsibility policies and actions on an annual basis, which will enable not ourselves (but others) to judge our performance.

Taking input in our to shape our particular approach to corporate responsibility, we engage with business and non-business interest groups to ensure that we fully understand their expectations of us and to ensure that our policies and programmes address relevant issues.

TruPort International aims to set, maintain and promote the highest standards of corporate responsibility, we believe that a positive record as a conscientious employer, acting responsibly and with integrity, will enhance our reputation, ergo we believe it can contribute to our long term financial success.