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Release the potential of your field resources
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The easiest and most precise way to capture and analyse your field activities.

i-snapshot is an online application designed to maximize the view of your field operations thus increasing business and operational efficiency.

It's a tool that allows your field personnel to capture the most relevant details of each of its activities either through conventional or "Smart" mobile phones. This information is sent to a central system either via a text message (SMS) of an APP. The data is then consolidated in real time, plotted and available 24 hours for quick analysis by different users, according to their corresponding levels of access.

How does i-snapshot work?

Each field activity is captured using an APP or simply sending an SMS, these messages (data) are received on a remote system that consolidates and presents the information online, either in graphics, charts , tables or through reports that can be downloaded.

1. For field staff it only requires installing the APP of i-snapshot in their smart phones. Messages are sent in encrypted form via the data network or via short messages (SMS). If the seller only has a conventional mobile, this can be done simply by sending the coded information through short messages (SMS).

2. Depending on the type of mobile phone used, the operation to capture every field activity and send it to the server can take between 20 to 60 seconds. This is one of the most attractive features of using a system as simple and reliable as i-snapshot.

i-snapshot screen3. The information is then sent to the online application updating records instantly. Field activities can be viewed and analyzed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with the security and confidence that these reports are consolidated activity in real time (i.e. with up to date data from the field at all times).

4. These reports are easy to generate and quick to understand, with the confidence that the information contained in them is displayed according to the authorized access level (e.g. at individual, team leader or manager level and company director level). In short, thanks to i-snapshot, capturing and analyzing field activities has never been so simple, accurate and timely.

Why do our clients around the world use i-snapshot?

This tool is highly configurable in a very short period of time, (i.e., it does not require complex implementation projects that later become expensive "white elephants").

i-snapshot was designed to fit each company's operating structure with respect to the various field activities in an average period of 30 days.

It is easy to use and allows users to capture each of their activities in less than 60 seconds, helping them review and plan future activities without unnecessary paperwork and lengthy report writing back at the office. This is summarised in one simple expression ... maximum optimization of field performance.

Capturing and sending (encoded) messages is done through mobile technology (conventional or smartphones), so it does not require any investment on special equipment. The analysis of the consolidated data can be done at the online application, it can be accessed from any device with Internet access (desktops, laptops or tablets).

i-snapshot for field sales activity.

i-snapshot is an application that provides a simple and quick solution to all those involved in the field sales process. The sales representatives use an APP that allows them to record easily (and within less than 1 minute) each activity with clients or prospects.   This information can be later accessed via online tracking reports, thus enabling them with a readily available tool for more efficient follow-up.   This also saves them from having to capture long and complex sales reports at the end of the workday. For sales leaders it provides them with a unique insight of what happens on the  field in real time, without having to capture and consolidate the progress of each sales opportunity and with the ability to produce quick and precise reports online. This in turn provides an excellent tool for analyzing business operations in a way never seen before, generating accurate reports and with instant updates. i-snapshot increases the opportunities to improve the business performance, the specific needs of individual (or group) training and increased efficiency on the daily decision-making around the sales process.

i-snapshot for field operations.

i-snapshot was originally designed to increase the efficiency of field sales activity, however, the challenges in service delivery or any other service based operations on the field (e.g. installation, maintenance or delivery) are very similar as the responsibles require timely, accurate and up to date information to act quickly.   This data also enables them to correct (or prevent) problems more quickly and appropriately. Services (as opposed to products) usually are consumed simultaneously and thanks i-snapshot it is now possible that the field staff can capture critical data business in real time and from any location. Such data can be automatically consolidated in the headquarters ready to be analyzed and to take appropriate decisions and actions without the need of additional reports or long meetings. Using i-snapshot provides such flexibility and speed of implementation that is having great success in companies that have field operations, allowing them to use their time and resources more efficiently.

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