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Global Innovation Management
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Everyday, new and experienced businesses are understandably concerned of how to protect their Intellectual Property and prevent their knowledge or products from being copied by competitors at home or overseas.

Although there is no single bullet to tackle this issue, there are ways to ensure your ideas, knowledge and products will be successfully commercialised in domestic and international markets.

Furthermore, quite often, products are only developed from a single country's point of view, making it difficult to sell overseas due to cultural differences, standards and regulations.

As International Technology Commercialisation specialists, we understand that Innovation must be at the heart of your company's competitive edge.   For that reason, TruPort has developed a novel service that puts innovation and internationalisation together, providing your business with more than 20 years of experience in development and protection of intellectual property assets with a global perspective.

TruPort’s Global Innovation Management services include:

  • Intellectual Property verification and overseas protection strategies.
  • Concept to Prototype planning for national and international markets.
  • International Market Analysis and Feasibility Studies.
  • Support on full cycle of Technology Commercialisation.

TruPort is pleased to offer an experienced and competent multidisciplinary team that will provide you with a different approach to issues your new products will face in overseas markets.


How does this help?  TruPort's Global Innovation Management provides you and your business with a full cycle of turning ideas into international products and solutions.  It's the ultimate service to help your business overcome the challenges of commercialising your Intellectual property abroad and implement mass customisation strategies.